About SLS

SLS is a not-for-profit venture initiated in 1991 by a group of professional librarians. Our original mission was to provide an affordable, standardized and powerful library system for school libraries in Hong Kong.  We have successfully achieved the goals of supporting teacher-librarians in managing their library operations as well as providing a computerized library environment for teachers and students. With the establishment of the SLS Library Technology Group in June 2001, we have expanded our scope to other library types, including special, government, church and university libraries.

Currently there are more than 500 libraries using the SLS Software, a library management system specially developed for school, special and other small-sized libraries. The revenue obtained from selling this product is used to support other projects and services.

SLS Library Technology Group is committed to help small-sized libraries to utilize information technology. Through these years, we organized a number of workshops and seminars on library automation, MARC cataloging, and discovery of school related Web resources. We also sponsor teacher-librarians to attend local library conference and have established a scholarship with the SPACE of the University of Hong Kong to promote teacher librarians to enhance their professional knowledge via part-time study.

SLS has been actively involved in the shared cataloging works in Hong Kong school libraries.  In 1996,  we established the SLS-Union bibliographic database for use by the SLS users for copy cataloging. In 1999, we sponsored the Hong Kong Teacher-Librarians' Association (HKTLA) to build a Hong Kong wide school library union catalog, a project funded by QEF.  This project has evolved to become a core database for local schools, under the leadership of the Hong Kong Education and Manpower Bureau and HKTLA.

History of SLS

In 1991, the Hong Kong Education Department Library began a project to automate secondary school libraries. K.T. Lam and Agatha Sit were invited by the Chief Librarian (Mr. Kwong Chi Hung) to consult on and develop software for this project, in a voluntary base.

In August 1992, SLS Software Version 1.0 was completed. Seven secondary school libraries were selected by the Hong Kong Education Department Library as pilot users.

Leadership of this project by the Hong Kong Education Department Library was discontinued in 1993, after the retirement of Mr. Kwong, the Chief Librarian.

The SLS developers decided to continue on this secondary school library automation project, with committed and total support from a group of teacher-librarians (led by Mr. Poon Chung Yau). All worked in a voluntary environment.

In 1994, SLS Software Version 1.5 was released. Within one year, 62 school libraries acquired the software. A new era in the Hong Kong school library automation history thus began: SLS introduced the internationally adopted MARC standard to the Hong Kong secondary school libraries.

SLS Software Version 2.0 was released in 1995, Version 2.1 in 1997, Version 3.0 in 1998, Version 4.0 in January 1999, Version 5.0 in November 1999, Version 5.1 in May 2000, Version 6.0 in December 2001, Version 6.1. in May 2003, Version 6.1a in October 2003, Version 6.2 in September 2004, Version 6.3 in May 2005. View snapshots of the very first SLS Software and the landmarks of the SLS developments

In May 2000, SLS appointed Micrologic Technologies Ltd. to provide support services for all SLS users. The appointment ended in June 2015. TR Computer Ltd toke up the support services starting July 2015

The SLS Library Technology Group was established in June 2001, a non-profit organization with the missions to:

  • promote the awareness of using information technology in libraries
  • provide a knowledge sharing forum with librarians from school, special and other small-sized libraries on topics related to library automation
  • research and develop new library technology

With these missions, SLS is repositioned to not just school libraries, but to other types of library including special, governmental, church, social welfare and any other small-sized libraries.

Currently, there are more than 500 registered users. About 80 percents are from school libraries.

Major activities in the past

  • Sponsored teacher-librarians to attend the HKLA 1996 Conference about Hong Kong library and information network (1996)
  • Organized workshop on Tools and Skills of Finding Teaching and Learning Resources on the Web (1997)
  • Organized a series of MARC cataloging workshops (1997,1998, 1999)
  • The SLS-Union Project (1996, 1998). Enhanced cataloging records contributed by the SLS users to build a bibliographic database for shared cataloging. First version was released in June 1996 on floppy disks with 14,754 records.  Second version was released in September 1998 on CD-ROM with 27,363 records. This project was evolved into the sponsorship of the QEF Funded School Union Catalog Project in 1999.
  • Participated in the IT in Education Exhibition (1998, 1999)
  • Organized SLS new users training courses. More than 30 courses were offered in the past with more than 200 schools attended (1994 - 2000)
  • QEF Funded School Union Catalog Project (1999-2000). Sponsored the Hong Kong Teacher-Librarians' Association (HKTLA) to build a Hong Kong wide school library union catalog. Free license to use the SLS WebUNION software for this project.
  • Assisted Holy Spirit Seminary Library to convert their bibliographic data from Dynix to SLS WebOPAC (1999)
  • Assisted Micrologic to establish and host the EIN union catalog (2000 - 2001)
  • Assisted Micrologic to automate the office libraries of the Government of Macau (2000)
  • Assisted Micrologic to establish and host the Hong Kong School Library Union Catalog (2002 - 2005)
  • Established the Mrs Yang Tan Beng Eng Scholarship for HKU SPACE's Diploma in Teacher Librarianship program (2002-2005). Students received this award were:
    • 2000/2001, Year 1: Ms Eileen Leung Wai Ling, the Teacher Librarian of Sai Kung Sung Tsun Catholic Secondary School
    • 2001/2002, Year 1: Mr WONG Hin-wah, Teacher-Librarian of Trajan & Lions College
    • 2001/2002, Year 2: Ms TONG Kam Shan
    • 2002/2003, Year 1: Ms Law Yuet Yu Marie, Teacher-Librarian of Sha Kong Public Luen Yick School
    • 2002/2003, Year 2: Mr Fan Ping Kin Raymond, Teacher-Librarian of Buddnist Po Kwong School
    • 2003/2004, Year 1: Ms Cheng Pik Yu, SKH Chi Fu Chi Nam Primary School
    • 2003/2004, Year 2: Ms Yeung Ling Wai, SKH St. Basil's Primary School
    • 2004/2005, Year 1: Ms Shum Lin Hing, Hang Hau Central Shing Hing Fong Memorial School
    • 2004/2005, Year 2: Ms Cheng Pik Yu, SKH Chi Fu Chi Nam Primary School
  • Sponsored the local awards presented at the 2005 IASL (International Association of School Librarianship) Conference. SLS Library Technology Group also exhibited a Poster on "Hong Kong Library Automation, 1985-2005" during the Conference (July 2005).

Contact us

For enquiry, please contact SLS Library Technology Group by sending email to sls.library.technology.group@gmail.com. Or contact our distributor and partner (TR Computer Limited, phone: 2772-1619, email: helpdesk@tr-computer.com.hk) for software demonstration and ordering.