SLS announces the release of SLSCloud OPAC Version 5.3.2 (2020-01-12)

Several enhancements and updates are added to this December 2019 release, together with the software refreshed to support the latest version of WordPress.

SLS announces the release of SLSCloud OPAC and SLS Software Version 7.0 (2015-11-22)

SLSCloud OPAC is now in general release. Apart from having a completely new look and a fully mobile device responsive design, a number of features are introduced. With the new Login and My Account functions, patrons can directly view their own circulation activities, reserve items and renew their borrowed books. Users can toggle the display in both English and Chinese language at anytime they want. Search results are automatically populated with book cover images. Any many more...

CLSNP is the first library implementing SLSCloud OPAC. Feel free to visit their website to have a first hand experience on what this new interface offers.

We have also refreshed the SLS Software (i.e. all Windows and Web modules) and have released it as Version 7.

TR Computer to provide SLS Support Services (2015-06-27)

SLS Library Technology Group is pleased to announce the appointment of TR Computer Limited to provide professional technical support services to both existing SLS users and new users. Starting today, TR Computer will take over all the services that Micrologic Technologies provided. For details please read the SLS Support Services page.

We would also like to thank our long time partner Micrologic Technologies for their committment and contribution in the past 16 years in supporting the SLS Software. All the best to Thomas!

SLS announces the development of SLSCloud platform (2015-06-20)

SLS Library Technology Group is pleased to announce the development of SLSCloud platform. The first module to be released in this Summer will be the OPAC module. This public catalog front-end is a successor of SLSBlio but with much enhancements and additions, including the new Login and My Account, through which patron can directly view their own circulation activities, reserve items and renew their borrowed books. The new OPAC module will support both English and Chinese languages. Users can toggle between these two languages at anytime they want.

We plan to migrate all our Windows based modules to SLSCloud. The next one will be the Circulation module. Stay tuned!

SLS announces the release of slsSIP (2013-04-20)

SLS Library Technology Group is pleased to announce the release of the slsSIP software. After several months of pilot implementation at Pui Ching Middle School, the software is now ready for general release. slsSIP provides a SIP2 communication interface between SLS Software and circulation devices such as self-check machines or circulation stations at the library counter.

slsSIP is available free-of-charge for SLS users who need it for implementating self-check machines and/or circulating their books with RFID tags. Users may contact our partner for information about slsSIP and their RFID solution.

SLS announces the release of SLSBlio Version 286 (2011-06-06)

SLS Library Technology Group is pleased to announce the release of SLSBlio Version 286. This Next-Generation Library Catalog module is based on the open source software Scriblio, but with substantial customization to make it works with the SLS Software.

SLSBlio is available free-of-charge to SLS users. Users can also obtain installation service from our partner. For enquiries about SLSBlio software, please also contact our partner.

Visit this SLSBlio site for a preview of this new version.

SLSBlio installed on Eight Pilot Sites (2010-02-28)

SLS Library Technology Group is pleased to announce that we have so far assisted eight pilot sites to install SLSBlio, the system that enables SLS Software users to implement their next generation library catalog.

After the Workshop on Next-Generation Library Catalog held in March last year, we received 46 applications to join the SLSBlio pilot installation project. About 20 sites were selected to be the pilot sites and they would receive free SLSBlio installation service provided by us.

During the past year, we provided information to these selected sites and prepared them for the installation. We have finished installing the first group of these sites and will start installing the remaining ones as soon as they are ready for the installation.

Announcing the next-generation library catalog (2008-09-11)

The TWGHs Chen Zao Men College Library has recently released its next-generation library catalog interface. This is the results of a recent initiative of the SLS Library Technology Group to provide SLS WebOPAC/KidsOPAC sites with an alternate catalog interface that features Web 2.0 technologies.

This new library catalog interface (SLSBlio) is based on the award winning open-source OPAC software Scriblio, with which SLS WebOPAC/KidsOPAC sites will be able to enjoy Google-like searching experience, with facet browsing, user comments, tag clouds and RSS feeds. It will also enable users the flexibility of incorporating (mashing-up) external web contents to their catalog as well as establishing dynamic links to external websites.

You may find out how the next-generation library catalog works with SLS WebOPAC/KidsOPAC by trying the pilot catalog at the TWGHs Chen Zao Men College Library.

Announcing SLS Software Version 6.3 (2005-04-16)

We are pleased to announce that the SLS Software Version 6.3 will be in general release in May 2005.

Apart from many other enhancements and bug fixing, major new features available in this new version include:

  • Enrichment Information Linking
  • Search by URL
  • Search by Picture
  • Advanced Search

Consult the Enhancement list for details.

We are also continuing the development of Version 7.0, which as announced before, will include a Web-based Circulation module.

Release of SLS WebREAD (2004-06-11)

In order to allow users to start using the new WebREAD module for the new school year, the SLS Library Technology Group has decided to release this new module in September, which will be a few months earlier than the completion of Version 7.0.

SLS users interested in WebREAD should not miss the chance of previewing its functionality at the upcoming SLS Software Sharing Sessions, to be held in this/next Saturday.

We are also inviting SLS users to trial test WebREAD in July and August. Interested colleagues can complete the application form and return by email to before 25 June.

SLS announces the development of Version 7.0 (2004-06-01)

SLS Library Technology Group is pleased to announce the development of the new Version 7.0 scheduled for release in Autumn/Winter 2004.

Two new modules, WebREAD and WebCIRC, will be included in this upcoming version. WebCIRC is the Web-based Circulation module. WebREAD is an innovative Reading to Learn module, based on the student reading habit initiative conducted by the Education and Manpower Bureau.

A number of new enhancements to the existing modules will also be released in Version 7.0. Some of the most sigificant additions are:

  • Search By Picture (KidsOPAC)
  • Content Enrichment Linking (WebOPAC/KidsOPAC)
  • Search By URL (WebOPAC/KidsOPAC)
  • Advanced Search (WebOPAC/KidsOPAC)
  • Search by Report List File (WebCAT)

Details of the enhancements will be posted to the enhancement list soon.

SLS WebUNION software re-selected for the School Union Catalog (2003-09-07)

The Education and Manpower Bureau (EMB) has once again selected the SLS WebUNION software to host the Hong Kong School Library Union Catalog for its next phase of the project starting Year 2004.

This School Union Catalog was started in 1999 by the Hong Kong Teacher-Librarians' Association (HKTLA), based on a funding from the Quality Education Fund (QEF). Its aim was to provide a standard bibliographic database to facilitate resources sharing and collaboration among school libraries. SLS sponsored this QEF Project by developing the WebUNION software and licensed it for this Project without charges. EMB began to work jointly with HKTLA to enhance this Catalog since late 2001. And WebUNION software was selected for its 2002-2003 Phase, which will be ended December 2003.

There will be a number of enhancements to the WebUNION software for the new 2-year phase starting January 2004, including the Advanced Search option with Boolean operation, and a Simplified Chinese interface.

SLS announces the release of WebREPORT (2003-08-24)

SLS Library Technology Group is pleased to announce the release of the new WebREPORT module, to be available in the upcoming Version 6.1a.

WebREPORT provides a web interface to WinREPORT's Report Generator, for designing your own reports, obtaining statistical figures, and exporting any fields in the SLS database to printer or to a file.

In addition to the Report Generator, WebREPORT also acts as a central place for all pre-defined reports. You no longer need to launch WinCIRC for the circulation statistics reports and then lanuch WebCAT for the Accession Register. All these reports, in web page format, are accessible within a single click from WebREPORT.

A number of new reports, including Borrowing Frequency Report, Reading to Learn Reports, Search Statistics, etc. are also available in WebREPORT.

View sample WebREPORT screens: [1] [2] [3] [4].

SLS offers free upgrade to local schools (2003-06-26)

SLS圖書館系統自推出至今,已經歷了十二個年頭了,回想由1991年的 1.0 版至現時最新的6.1版,經歷了幾許的風雨,順流與逆流,讚賞與批評,我們仍堅守崗位,不斷耕耘,為的是圓滿我們的理想,貫徹我們的理念。在成長期間,是您一聲聲的鼓勵,也是您: “要多加幾個功能” ,更是您: “版面要多釆些” ,皆成了推動我們奮力向前的動力。我們感激您們的不離不棄,為此,我們決定把 6.1版免費回饋於您們:


  • 思維科技有限公司
  • 香港教育專業人員協會- 九龍旺角彌敦道618號好望角大廈8樓, 電話:2780 7337,湛小姐。

人說常懷感恩之心,我們深信這,也願意爲您們及香港的學校圖書館付出更多。我們的力量是渺小的,也因著您們,有著同一理想,同一目標,自能讓 SLS發千分光,發千度熱。

SLS 圖書館科技小組

SLS announces Version 6.1 (2003-03-02)

SLS Library Technology Group is pleased to announce that Version 6.1 will be scheduled for release in the beginning of Summer 2003.

The most significant additions to this version are the integration of XML infra-structure into the system, and the possibility of doing real-time searching and copy cataloging against other SLS catalogs on the Internet. The potential result will be a federation of 500 some SLS remote catalogs to form a virtual union catalog.

Consult the tentative enhancement list for new features available.

SLS WinCAT now supports searching of remote SLS databases (2002-11-25)

With the upcoming Version 6.0f, SLS users are able to setup their WinCAT module to search and copy bibliographic records from their SLS-mates (i.e. other libraries using SLS Software). This is make possible by the application of the SLS XServe module which was recently announced.

The cataloging productivity will be significantly improved since SLS users no longer need to rely on the clumsy workflow of batch exporting and importing. With half a thousand of SLS users around, it is now possible to establish a virtual union catalog with distributed network of SLS bibliographic databases for copy cataloging and resource sharing.

Similar remote access within WebCAT is also under active development. Stay tunned.

Announcing the draft release of SLS XServe (2002-09-07)

SLS Library Technology Group is pleased to announce the draft release of XServe, a new XML-based tool that enables a SLS Library Catalog to communicate with client applications in SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) messages.

SLS XServe, also known as SLS XML Service, will sit on top of the SLS Library Catalog, listen to database querying and updating requests that conform to the emerging and open standards, such as XML, HTTP, SOAP and MARC XML schema. With this tool installed, SLS Software users can, for the first time, communicate with the library catalog using their own tools and programming environment, just like you can use SQL to query a relational database.

SLS XServe is currently in draft release, interested users can contact our partner Micrologic Technologies for details.

SLS Software conforms to LC's recently announced MARC XML schema (2002-06-19)

The SLS Library Technology Group is pleased to announce the support of the Library of Congress' MARC21 XML schema when exporting bibliographic record from the SLS Software. XML export function has been available in the SLS Software since last year, using a namespace very similar to the MARC21 XML. This similarity has enabled us an effortless and quick adoption to this recently announced Library of Congress standard. The fact that Library of Congress has adopted a namespace similar to ours has further proved that SLS Software is good at predicting new trends, developing adoptable technology, and setting new standards.

The support of MARC21 XML is available starting Version 6.0e.

SLS established Scholarship for teacher librarians (2002-02-11)

The SLS Library Technology Group is pleased to announce the establishment of the Mrs Yang Tan Beng Eng Scholarship to award the outstanding student in each academic year enrolling in the Diploma in Teacher Librarianship program offered by the SPACE of the University of Hong Kong.

The purpose of this Scholarship is to recognize and encourage in-service teacher-librarians to put effort to enhance their professional knowledge in librarianship. The recipient of this scholarship will be awarded $4,000 and the school that this recipient works for will also receive $2,000 for the purchase of library materials or equipment for its library.

The Scholarship is named after Mrs. Yang to recognize her contribution to Hong Kong school libraries. Mrs. Yang retired a few years ago from her Teacher Librarian position. She has been very active in the school library field and was the President of the Hong Kong Teacher Librarians' Association for a number of years.

The Award Ceremony for the Academic Year 2000/2001 was conducted in 9 February 2002. The winner is Ms Eileen Leung Wai Ling, the Teacher Librarian of Sai Kung Sung Tsun Catholic Secondary School. The Ceremony was officiated by Dr. F.T. Chan, the HKU SPACE Program Administrator. Mrs. Yang presented the award to Ms Lenug.

Promotional Discount for SLS Software Version 6.0 (2001-11-30)

香港教育署課程資源及圖書館組與香港學校圖書館主任協會合辦的「學校圖書館網上聯館目錄」採用 SLS 圖書館科技組編寫的WebUNION軟件,為全港中、小學提供一個能支援ISO2709數據互換和MARC21格式的資料庫軟件。此軟件可以讓學校圖書館負責老師上、下載國際標準的書目資料,共享聯合編目的成果及協助學校建立優質及有效的圖書目錄。


為使更多學校能使用此自動化系統,現推出特別優惠,除SLS圖書館系統6.0(網絡版、10 個用戶使用權限)外,其他模組、升級版本或增購使用權證等均提供半價大優惠,限期至2001年12月31日,凡於此日期內訂購的本地中小學校(可先落單訂購,安排日後付款取貨),均可享有此優惠,優惠期後訂購則回復原價。



SLS WebUNION adopted by the Hong Kong Education Department (2001-11-20)

SLS is pleased to announce that the Hong Kong Education Department has confirmed today to adopt the SLS WebUNION software for their upcoming Union Catalog Project. Micrologic Technologies Limited, the SLS partner, will be working with the Hong Education Department to host this database.

This project will take over and expand the database that was built by the QEF-funded Hong Kong School Library Union Catalog Project, a pilot effort conducted by the Hong Kong Teacher-Librarians' Association (HKTLA). In 1999, SLS sponsored the WebUNION software for use by this QEF-funded project. Using this software, a database of 110,000 bibliographic records for local schools was created. In view of the value of these records for resource sharing among local school libraries, Hong Kong Education Department has decided to work jointly with HKTLA, to continue the successful effort that HKTLA and the pilot member schools have contributed.

Phase One of this project will begin in January 2002, with the first in-take of 200-300 schools. It is expected that by October 2003, the system will be open to all schools in Hong Kong.

SLS announces the release of Version 6.0 (2001-11-10)

SLS is pleased to announce that Version 6.0 will be scheduled for release in December 2001, after months of development and comprehensive beta testing. To accompany with the formal release, there will be a Demonstration session scheduled on December 8. During this session, new features, such as WebCAT and Unicode capabilities will be demonstrated.

EIN Union Catalog on Production (2001-08-01)

The EIN (Ecumenical Information Network) Union Catalog, a comprehensive catalog that contains the holdings of more than 250,000 bibliographic records from eight Hong Kong theological libraries, is rolled out today. After a year of evaluation and prototyping, EIN adopted SLS WebUNION, an advanced library technology product that is also used by the QEF funded Hong Kong School Library Union Catalog>. Thanks to Micrologic Technologies, SLS's partner, who signed the contract with EIN today to host and maintain this database. 'We worked closely with EIN in the past year to set up this union catalog and feel honored to be able to participate in such a valuable project that will benefit world-wide researchers in theological study', said Thomas Luk, the Director of Micrologic Technologies.

Library Automation of HKCSS Member Organizations (2001-07-10)

Micrologic Technologies, SLS's partner, signed an agreement with the Hong Kong Council of Scocial Service (HKCSS) today to provide SLS Library System to the resource centers and libraries of the HKCSS's member organisations. According to HKCSS's Information Technology Resource Centre, the first pilot user will be the Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, a welfare center under Catholic Diocesan of Hong Kong.

"HKCSS has more than 270 member organizations. By conducting library automation to these organizations with the SLS Software, the library and information services in the Hong Kong social welfare sector will be greatly enhanced", said Thomas Luk, the Director of Micrologic Technologies.

Exhibition at the SLA Asian Chapter Meeting (2001-06-02)

Micrologic Technologies will be exhibiting the SLS Software at the Annual Business Meeting of the Special Library Association (Asian Chapter), to be held on 13 June 2001 at the Activites Room, 7/F City Hall, Central, Hong Kong. The exhibition time is from 2:30pm to 4:30pm and the event will be open to the participants of the Meeting.

In this exhibition, Micrologic Technologies will preview for the first time the multi scripts capability of SLS WebOPAC via the support of Unicode within the program.

SLS announces Version 6.0 (2001-05-20)

SLS is pleased to announce that the development of SLS Software Version 6.0 has reached the final stage. It is expected to be released in the Autumn of 2001.

One of the major enhancements of this new version is the addition of WebCAT, the Web-based cataloging module. With WebCAT, you no longer need to be on the local area network in order to add or update bibliographic records. Any librarian can do the cataloging as long as he/she has access to the Internet.

Version 6.0 also expands the scope of bibliographic records from bilingual (English and Chinese) to multi-lingual. With the support of Unicode in WebOPAC, KidsOPAC and WebCAT, records that contain multi-scripts (e.g. Portuguese, French, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) can be correctly input, searched, retrieved and displayed via the web browser.

For more details of the enhancements in Version 6.0, please refer to the enhancement list.

SLS announces the release of KidsOPAC (2000-11-7)

SLS is pleased to release KidsOPAC, a Web-based catalog searching interface for kids and young children. Enriched by cartoons and colorful images, KidsOPAC is more customizable than its big brother, WebOPAC. System administrator can define what search options to be turned on for their kids. You can even change the background schemes, from a choice of Monkey, Tortoise and Pig. You can preview KidsOPAC here on our demonstration site.

A second phase of enhancement on KidsOPAC is now on the drawing board. When it is ready, KidsOPAC will be given a simple search interface, with guidance searches. Stay Tunned...

SLS Software Version 5.1 available for distribution via HKPTU (2000-10-7)

The following is an extract (with modification) of an announcement on the October issue of HKPTU Newspaper:


  • 【舊用戶】聯絡小組會將 SLS Software Version 5.1 的註冊表格傳真給各舊用戶。填妥後傳真至 2770 2209 教材用戶中心收,本會將另行通知到取手續。
  • 【新用戶】請電 2780 7337 索取 SLS Software 註冊表格。



查詢:2780 7337 教材用戶中心湛小姐。

SAFP of the Macau Government selected SLS Software (2000-8-12)

The Administration and Civil Services Bureau (Direccao dos Servicos de Administracao e Funcao Publica, 行政暨公職局, SAFP) of the Government of Macau S.A.R. has selected SLS Software to automate their libraries in the government offices. The first phase is to automate SAFP's Head Quarter, and with a plan to implement the SLS Software to more than 12 government offices.

"We are very pleased to see the SLS Software being adopted by the Macau Government. SLS Software has been broadly in use by more than 320 libraries in Hong Kong, Macau, China Mainland and Australia, and I am sure that with the new system in place, the library and information services provided by these governemnt offices will be further enhanced", said Mr. Thomas Luk, the Director of Micrologic Technologies Ltd.

Micrologic will help SAFP to implement the SLS system and to convert the existing data from their in-house developed system to SLS.

Apart from the SAFP, more than 25 libraries in Macau have adopted the SLS Software, including governmental libraries, such as public libraries at Ho Yin Park and Sr. Wong Leng Kuan, Legislative Assembly Library, Macau University Documentation Center, UNESCO Centre of Macau, etc. For a full list of Macau SLS Users, please visit 'List of SLS Users'.

Micrologic to provide SLS Support Services (2000-5-30)

SLS has recently appointed Micrologic Technologies Ltd. to provide professional technical support services to both existing SLS users and new users.

With effective from today, the following SLS support services will be provided by Micrologic:

  • Email and telephone support service
  • One-time on-site support service
  • On-site support service
  • WebOPAC installation service

SLS users from local secondary schools have been awaiting for these services for quite some time. From now on, in addition to the existing support provided by the voluntary SLS Technical Support Group, they can purchase various support packages from Micrologic. Local secondary schools can obtain SLS Software from HKPTU and purchase support services through Micrologic.

Micrologic has been providing SLS sales and support services to libraries other than local secondary school libraries, covering the areas of Hong Kong, Macau, China, and Australia. In order to further enhance its professional and quality services, Micrologic has recently recruited two experienced staff with comprehensive knowledge on SLS Software and librarianship

For more details of the services provided, please read the SLS Support Services page.

SLS to release Version 5.1 in May 2000 (2000-3-25)

SLS will be releasing SLS Software Version 5.1 in May 2000. Refer to the enhancement list for details.

North Point Government Primary AM School selected SLS Software (2000-1-26)

North Point Government Primary AM School (北角官立上午小學), one of the Hong Kong's most advanced primary school in using information technology in education, today confirmed the adoption of SLS Software to automate its Library System. With the SLS Software, parents, students and teachers can access the catalog both within campus and at home. The SLS Software will also be installed on teachers' notebooks so that students can check-out books during a class session.

Demonstration Session at Macau (2000-1-15)

日期: 二零零零年一月十五日(星期六)
時間: 上午十時卅分至下午四時
地點: 蔡高中學新校舍視聽室 - 澳門黑沙灣馬揸度博士大馬路.
報名辦法: 請致電706234留座

SLS announces the development of KidsOPAC (1999-12-18)

SLS is now developing a version of WebOPAC called KidsOPAC for use by children and young library patrons. KidsOPAC will be expected to be used by primary school and lower form of secondary school. It will have attractive screens and guided searching. This version is planned to be compleded in summer 2000.

Click on the link below to see a prototype main screen of KidsOPAC. Comments are welcome.

View KidsOPAC sample screen

WebOPAC on eCampus (1999-12-15)

TWGHs Chen Zao Men College (東華三院陳兆民中學) today successfully integrates its SLS WebOPAC to their testing eCampus system. With this implementation, students and teachers can access their Library Online Catalog within their Web-based school information sharing and collaboration platform.

SLS Software is designed with open standards. Therefore, it can be easily integrated to any school collaboration systems, for example, the PSINet Hong Kong's eCampus and Cable & Wireless HKT's SchoolTeam. SLS Users that plan to integrate their WebOPAC to any of these platforms may contact SLS for details.

SLS to showcase at the upcoming Hong Kong IT in Education Exhibition (1999-12-1)

SLS was invited for the second year by the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union to participate in the Hong Kong IT in Education Exhibition to be held between 17-19 December 1999 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. We will take this opportunity to showcase the SLS Software Version 5.0, which was just released in the last month.

Come and visit our booth, give your comments, and share your experience with other SLS users. Or, if you are interested in the software, come and have a look at the life demo.

View Exhibition Photos

Demonstration Session Overbooked (1999-11-12)

SLS學校圖書館系統5.0版展示會: 加開一場


時間:下午2:30 ─ 5:30
報名:請致電2780 7337劉潔儀小姐留座

SLS anounces the release of Version 5.0 (1999-10-15)

[本文原發表於教協報1999.10.11第三頁, 現增修如下。]


硬件要求:586主機及32 MB RAM或以上
支援:Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 Workstation/Server


- 網上書目檢索目錄
- 更強的搜尋組合功能
- 讀者可在互聯網或內聯網上查詢借閱紀錄及預約
- 提供書目資訊連接網上資源的功能

- 以視窗畫面增改系統參數及各項設定,更改密碼等
- 記錄圖書館名稱及資訊以便報表列印及網頁上使用

- 處理借還書的流通系統
- 收集及管理罰款
- 統計資料可以輸入Excel內作進一步處理
- 可查詢某一書目曾被那些讀者借閱過
- 可查詢某一讀者曾經借閱過那些書目
- 可用電子郵件送出通知信給讀者

- 讀者閱讀習慣及紀錄的維護及分析
- 列印各類型閱讀紀錄及分析報表

視窗版報表系統( WinREPORT)
- 自由組合列印報表,可將搜尋次序的步驟保留,供日後修改或重用
- 加入搜尋欄位內容時,IsBlank、NotBlank、Exist、NotHas等運算子

- 將Excel格式的書目資料轉換成SLS的書目輸入格式.


- 配合標籤軟件列印書目的條碼及書脊標籤
- 遷移項目資料

- 可輸入出版社或出版年縮窄檢索資料的範圍
- 增加書名關鍵字及作者關鍵字組合查詢功能
- 增加學科名稱與閱讀程度組合查詢功能
- 讀者可以查詢自己的借閱紀錄、罰款、預約
- 讀者可作新書建議及意見提供
- 連接網上資源

本港中學升級方法:10月20日起,SLS 5.0的註冊表格會傳真給各舊用戶, 填妥後傳真至27702209「教材用戶中心」收,教協將另行通知到取手續。



時間:下午2:30 ─ 5:30
報名:請致電2780 7337留座

Holy Spirit Seminary installed WebOPAC (1999-9-15)

Holy Spirit Seminary (聖神修院) has recently installed SLS WebOPAC, to allow its users to search their library catalog via web browser. SLS has helped HSS to feed data from its Dynix system to the SLS database. Public can also access this valuable religion catalog via

SLS beta testing Version 5.0 (1999-9-15)

SLS is now beta testing Version 5.0. It is expected to be released in October 1999. Version 5.0 will contain many new features. Apart from the existing MS Command mode modules, it will also contains the following Windows modules: WinOPAC, WinCAT, WinCIRC, WinREPORT, WinREAD, WinADMIN, and ImportWizard. You may also preview WebOPAC Version 5.0 now.

SLS announces plan for Version 5.0 (1999-5-18)

SLS plans to release Version 5.0 in Fall 1999. In the new version, all modules will have a Windows interface. Users that have an Intranet or Internet can also install WebOPAC, which allows searching of the catalog and viewing of patron information on the WWW via a Web browser. Version 5.0 also contains a number of enhancements.

SLS is also developing WebUnion, a technology that allows mounting and searching of multi-library catalogs on the Web. Since the bibliographic database created on SLS Software is in MARC format, consortium that are SLS users can apply the WebUnion technology to mount their union catalog on the Web. One of the application of the WebUnion technology is the current QEF-Union Project that plans to help school libraries in Hong Kong to build their library catalogs. WebUnion is planned for completion within few months.

Users are well assured that SLS will continue to develop technologically advanced, professionally designed and best priced products for the Hong Kong school libraries. For new comers, select SLS Software now to join this experienced and professional family of school library automation.

HK Teacher's Centre acquired SLS Software (1999-5-14)

SLS is pleased to announce that Hong Kong Teacher's Centre of the Hong Kong Education Department has recently acquired SLS Software to automate its Composite Resource Centre. The plan is to put the Centre's library catalog on the Internet. Teachers will then be able to search the catalog for resources available at the Centre without going to the Centre.

HKTLA's news announcement of the QEF Project (1999-1-18)





歡迎各位學校圖書館主任參加,有興趣參與本計劃,或想知道詳情者,請查看 QEF-Union Project 網址。

SLS announces WebOPAC (1999-1-7)

SLS is currently beta testing WebOPAC, a Web-based interface to the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog). WebOPAC was first previewed in the IT in Education Exhibition last month and received extremely good responses from the audiences. Users can now access their library catalog via Internet, either within their campus or at home.

SLS customers that have their own Web Server (running on a NT Server on the campus network) may request SLS to be a beta testing site.

Want to find out how WebOPAC looks like? A real demonstration is available on this SLS Web Site. You may also try out some our our Beta Test Sites.

SLS releases Version 4.0 (1999-1-4)

SLS Software Version 4.0 is released today. Included in this new version is the expecting WinCAT module. SLS users can now use a Windows interface to input cataloging records. In addition to the full-screen MARC editor, users can also use the Simple Editor to hide all the details of MARC cataloging. WinCAT will do all the MARC encoding for you automatically.

If you are interested in knowing more about the functions and capability of this new version, you may download the User Manual for Version 4.0.

We are continuing to upgrade other modules to Windows and adding more features to SLS Software. Stay tuned on a planned version to be released in Spring 1999.

SLS to participate in the Hong Kong IT in Education Exhibition (1998-12-12)

SLS was invited by the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union to participate in the Hong Kong IT in Education Exhibition to be held between 18-20 December 1998 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. We will take this opportunity to demonstrate the SLS Software Version 4.0, which has been scheduled to release in late December 1998. Two talks in the areas of the Interent and library automation will also presented during the exhibition. Details as follows:

  • Web-based teaching and learning resources for schools - challenges to the Teacher-Librarians. Presented by Michael Hung Ming. 2:30pm-3:15pm, 19 December 1998.
  • Planning for school library automation and CD-ROM networking. Presented by K.T. Lam. 2:00pm-2:45pm, 20 Decemeber 1998.

View Exhibition Photos.

Quality Education Fund to build a Hong Kong School Library Union Catalog (1998-10-18)

The Quality Education Fund (QEF) has recently awarded close to one million Hong Kong dollars to a proposal jointly submitted by SLS and the Hong Kong Teacher-Librarians' Association (HKTLA) to build a Hong Kong school library union catalog. The Project, aims at assisting 20 or more local schools to create and enhance their library catalogs. Enhanced records will be made available as a single bibliographic database on the Internet.

Prior to the QEF award, SLS has received hardware and Web domain sponsored by the Hong Kong Star Internet (HKStar). With this sponsorship, users will be able to have Internet access to the existing 28,000 bibliographic records that was compiled for the SLS-Union Project. Records created by the QEF project will be consolidated into a similar Union Catalog database. HKStar has confirmed a continuous support to this up-coming QEF Project.

A Web-based search software to host the union catalog is currently under development by SLS. The interface will support simple searching and efficient data downloading on the Internet. It is planned that the SLS-Union database will be freely available to interested libraries. Membership will be required for the transfer of records.

Details of the Project will be available in subsequent announcement.

SLS-Union on CD-ROM will be available in late September (1998-09-13)

SLS annoucnes the completion of the SLS-Union Issue Number 2 on CD-ROM. It has passed beta testing by pilot users and will be made available to SLS users in late September 1998.

Based on the track record of its first issue (released in June 1996), we expect this CD-ROM version of the SLS-Union database to receive popularity among SLS users. The CD-ROM contains a total of 27,363 bibliographic records contributed by SLS users and enhanced by professional catalogers. It is a useful tool for copy cataloging and restrospective conversion of the existing catalog.

View sample screens of SLS-Union on CD-ROM.

SLS announces Version 4.0 for Windows (1998-09-13)

SLS is developing Version 4.0 for Windows. It is expected to be released in late November 1998. SLS has released WinOPAC in its current Version 3.0, the first SLS Windows module that has received warm welcome from SLS users.

The Windows modules that are under development include WinCAT (the cataloging module), WinCIRC (the circulation module), WinReport (the report generator), and WinAdmin (a new system administration mdoule).

The Windows version will retain all the functions that are in its DOS version. In addition, many new features that are requested by the SLS users will be included in this new version.

SLS will continue its committement to develop and support the SLS software.

SLS establishes its World-Wide Web Server (1998-09-12)

SLS's WWW Server is online today. This server is made possible by the sponsorship of the Hong Hong Star Internet Ltd.

SLS will launch the Web-based SLS-Union database on this server. The programming effort is currently underway in full-swing. The Web interface is expected to be available in late Fall 1998. By that time, Internet users can access more than 50,000 of bibliographic records that are contributed by the SLS users and are enhanced by SLS. Not only that teacher-librarians can search and download cataloging records via the Web browser, teachers, students, and any Internet users can also quickly locate the books available in the contributing school libraries.

On this SLS WWW Server, you will also find information about SLS, technical tips on using SLS, news and events in the SLS community, and well-selected Internet resouces for Hong Kong school library automation.

We would like to thank Hong Kong Star Internet for their warm support. We would also like to thank Mrs. Yang Tan Beng Eng, the President of the Hong Kong Teacher-Librarians' Association, for her assistance in seeking this sponsorship. Without her effort and her liasion with the sponsor, this SLS WWW Server will not become real.

[Editor's note: Hong Kong Star Internet was acquired by the Cable and Wireless HKT in December 1998]